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  1. Whom is Jesus portraying in vs.45?
  2. What are the similarities between a house and a human life? Find as many as you can.
    • Why do many people consider only the facade of a house/ a life as important, not the foundation?
  3. What different things can people make to the foundation of their lives?
    • What is the reason many people build their lives without "digging down deep" first?
  4. What does Jesus mean by "a flood" or "a torrent" that strikes a human life?
    • How will you handle the situation if your life is hit by "a flood" that you are now fearing?
  5. According to this parable, "a flood" hits the lives of Christians and non-Christians alike. Why are the Christians not spared?
  6. Think of a time when a catastrophe struck your life. What did you cling to at that time?
    • How did the words of Jesus help you in the time of affliction? Please share your experiences.
  7. What will happen to a person whose house collapses? (What kind of life will he lead after the catastrophe?)
  8. What could be the reason for someone hearing the words of Jesus but not putting them into practice?
    • What makes someone want to put the words of Jesus into practice?
    • To which of these two groups do you belong? (You can answer in your heart.)
  9. To put the words of Jesus into practice means among other things to do what we were told last time: to love your enemy. Can you say that these words have become the foundation of your life?
  10. The word "rock" has one more meaning in the Bible. Paul says in 1.Cor.10:4: "That rock was Christ." What is the difference if you build your life on the commandments of Jesus (the law) or if you build it on Jesus himself (the gospel)?
  11. Jesus himself kept all the commandments. Then, why did "a flood" destroy his life?

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