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18. THE CRY OF A BLIND BEGGAR (Mark.10:46-52)

BACKGROUND: As far as we know, Jesus visited Jericho just once! It happened during his last journey to Jerusalem. Jesus was a direct descendant of David. God had promised this king that his son would sit on the throne of Israel forever (2 Sam.7:12-16). The Romans, who were occupying the country at this time, didn't tolerate anyone's referring to past kings, not to mention the present.
  1. If you had to earn your living by begging, what do you think would be the hardest part for you?
  2. What can one learn while sitting by a roadside year after year?
    • How do you think Bartimaeus felt hearing about Jesus' visits to practically every place in Israel except Jericho during his three years of public ministry?
  3. Why didn't Bartimaeus seek healing for example in Jerusalem (30 km away) where Jesus went several times?
    • Do you think Bartimaeus had a plan for contacting Jesus in case he came to Jericho?
    • What do you think was the IQ of this blind beggar?
  4. How did Bartimaeus conclude that Jesus was the son of King David (vs.47)?
    • Why was Bartimaeus not afraid of Romans when he cried at the top of his lungs, for the Son of David?
    • How did his cry change when people tried to calm him down (verses 47-48)?
    • How did Jesus react to the title of Son of David?
  5. Think of various reasons why people tried to silence Bartimaeus's cry for help.
    • Instead of rebuking this blind man for crying out, what should the surrounding people have done (vs.48)?
    • Can you remember a time when the people around you refused to hear your cries for help? Why do you think it happened?
  6. How do you think Bartimaeus felt when people told him Jesus was calling him (vs.49-50)?
    • Bartimaeus had probably taken good care of his cloak, which was both his mattress and his quilt at night. Why did he suddenly throw it away (vs.50)?
  7. Why did Jesus ask Bartimaeus such an obvious question (vs.51)?
    • Jesus asks you today the same question (vs.51). What will you answer him?
  8. How did Jesus heal the eyes of this man (verse 52)?
    • Verse 52 can be translated in two ways: "Your faith has healed you" or "Your faith has saved you." Why did Jesus want to say these words to Bartimaeus in front of everyone?
  9. Bartimaeus followed Jesus on the road, probably all the way to Jerusalem (vs.52b). Why do you think he did so?
    • The next day, everybody was shouting and calling Jesus "Son of David" while he entered Jerusalem (Mark.11:9-10). Why had they lost their fear of the Romans?
    • Within just a week of gaining his sight, Bartimaeus witnessed his benefactor being nailed to the cross. What do you think Jesus' death meant to him?

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