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  1. To what extent do you think Christians are subject to scorn or even persecution in our society?
    • What are Christians criticized for most in our society?
  2. What will happen to sheep among wolves (vs.16)?
    • What does Jesus mean by saying that he will send his disciples like sheep among wolves?
    • How can one be shrewd as a snake and as innocent as a dove?
  3. What "crimes" are Jesus' disciples accused of when they are brought to trial (verses 17-22)?
    • If you knew that you would be brought to trial because of your faith, do you think you could stop worrying what to say there (vs.19-20)?
  4. In what sort of society could family members do things described in verse 21?
    • What makes a person stick to his convictions even when everybody else disagrees with him/her (vs.22)?
    • How do you think you would behave if you one day were persecuted because of your faith?
  5. How can verse 23 be applied to our time?
  6. What does it mean for a disciple that his teacher has already endured the same persecutions as him/her (vs.24-25)?
  7. Imagine two people in the midst of persecutions. One knows that the lies will be disclosed and the truth will win in the end. The other isn't so sure about it. How is the situation of these two different (vs.26)?
  8. Find from these verses as many reasons as possible why a Christian doesn't have to be afraid of persecutions (vs.26-31).
    • What should a Christian do even during persecutions (vs.27)?
  9. Does Jesus refer in verse 28 to God or Satan?
    • How does the Christian behave who fears no one else but God even during persecutions? What about a Christian who fears Satan?
    • What, according to verse 28, is the only true tragedy in the life of a human being?
  10. Jesus admits that even a Christian may be killed by his enemies (vs.28). How can we then apply verses 29-31 to the lives of martyrs, e.g. John the Baptist and Stephen?
    • Why is it impossible to annihilate the real Christian church by persecution?
    • Jesus says to you today the words in verses 30-31. What do they mean to you in your present situation?

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