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22. THE KING RIDES TO HIS CITY (Matt.21:1-11)

BACKGROUND: People were waiting for a sign which would prove if Jesus was a king or not - and the donkey was the sign, prophesied by Zecharaiah (Zech.9:9). In fact, Jesus was the son of King David in the 30th generation.
    • What do people usually expect from a king who enters triumphantly into the capital?
    • What, if anything, was different in what the disciples expected from Jesus with what the crowds did?
    • Look carefully at the chain reaction, which occurred while Jesus was approaching Jerusalem for the last time. Who had planned the welcome? How did it all start? Why did the people spread their cloaks on the road? Why was the whole city stirred?
    • Why did Jesus ride to Jerusalem on a donkey, not on a horse?
    • How could the people know that Jesus was the son of David? (Cf. Matt.20:31)
    • What in the behavior of Jesus was royal?
    • Why were the people all of a sudden not afraid of calling Jesus a king, though the Roman occupying forces didn't like of hearing things like that?
    • Up till this point Jesus had hidden the fact that he was a king. Why did he now take it for granted?
    • What is the difference between kings of this world and Jesus in this situation?
    • Why did Jesus have to die as a king?
    • Do you think Jesus was happy about his sudden popularity? Give your reasons.
    • How many percent of these people would you guess were shouting, "Crucify him!" after five days?
    • Why didn't any one of this crowd stand up and defend Jesus when he was mistreated?
    • How would you behave, if you had to stand alone with all of your friends disagreeing with you?
  4. HOSANNA (which means, "O Lord save/help us!")
    • What does the cry of the people in verse 9 really say? Cf. the meaning of "hosanna".
    • Why is it more proper to shout, "Help me!" to the King Jesus than "Hurray!"
    • What is surprising about verse 11?
    • What effect did this incident have on Jesus' future?
    • What things have made you to cry, "Hosanna, help me!" lately/ during this Advent?
    • Why is this cry the best preparation for Christmas?

GLAD TIDINGS: Read verse 5 once more and put your own name in the place of "the Daughter of Zion".

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