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BACKGROUND: There are many theories among Christians in which order things happen when Jesus comes back to this earth. In this Bible study we don't discuss the order of the things but the things themselves. The leader should explain briefly about Noah and his time. (vs.37-39, cf.Gen.6-7)
  1. How would you feel if you heard that Jesus would come back today?
    • How is it different to wait for Jesus and to wait for death?
  2. What kind of changes will happen in the stratosphere and space before Jesus' coming? Try to describe these phenomena in modern words (vs.29). (What may cause the darkening of sun and moon when seen from the earth? Remember also Noah's time.)
    • What changes predicted here have not yet happened (vs.29)?
  3. How does the first coming of Jesus differ from the second one? Try to find as many differences as possible (vs.30).
    • What will all the nations mourn when Jesus comes back (vs.30)?
  4. What will happen to Christians when Jesus comes back (vs.31)?
    • Would you like to be alive when the events of verse 31 happen? Give your reasons.
  5. What does Jesus want to say about the time of his coming through the little parable of fig tree (verses 32-34)? (Do you think this parable speaks about modern Israel? If it does, how?)
  6. What is the meaning of Jesus' words (=the Bible) for the Christians of the last generation (vs.35)?
    • What does it mean to you that there is something in this world that will never pass away?
  7. Why must the day of the second coming be a secret even for Jesus himself (vs.36)?
    • How would your life change if you knew when Jesus will come back?
  8. How do the contemporaries of Noah resemble the people of our time (verses 38-39)? (What were they interested in and what were they not interested in at all?)
  9. What do verses 40-41 mean? Compare them to Noah's time and verse 31.
    • Imagine how the world would look like the day when the things predicted in these verses take place (vs.40-41).
  10. To whom will the coming of Jesus be like a thief breaking into his house (vs.43-44)? To whom will it be like a longed for meeting with a dear friend?
    • What do verses 42 and 44 advice us to do in practice?
    • How might the second coming of Jesus be a consolation for us, rather than a frightening thought?

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