4. JESUS AS A TEENAGER (Luke 2:40-52)

BACKGROUND: Jewish boys come of age when they are 13 years old. Jesus eventually had four brothers and some sisters (Matt.13:55-56). His father was a carpenter and he also learned his father's trade. The temple was the only place where the Jewish people were allowed to make sacrifices for their sins. God had promised that his presence would always dwell there.
  1. Mary had to take care of a growing family. What do you think the journey to the Feast of Passover meant to her every year?
    • What kind of preparations did Mary have to do in order to make this two-week-long journey?
  2. Imagine the everyday life of the boy Jesus as the eldest son of a growing family.
    • What did it mean to the boy Jesus that he could travel, perhaps for the first time, to Jerusalem with his parents?
  3. Why didn't Jesus tell his parents beforehand that he wasn't going to return home in their company?
    • Of all the places, why did Jesus want to go to the temple?
  4. What do verses 46-47 show us about Jesus?
    • What was the foremost interest of this 12-year-old boy?
  5. Why was Jesus surprised that his parents did not know were he was?
  6. Why was it so important for Jesus to meet his Heavenly Father in the temple instead of right where he was?
  7. What does vs.48 show us of Mary?
    • How should Mary have reacted when she lost sight of her son?
  8. How did the parents of Jesus feel when they heard their son's answer in vs.49?
    • What did Jesus want to teach his parents through this incident?
  9. According to this text, when do we have the right to go against our parents?
    • According to this text, what is the will of God in regards to a teen-ager?
    • According to this text, how should we treat our teen-agers?
  10. What was the relationship of Jesus with his parents and other people during the 18 years between this incident and the start of his public ministry (vs.51-52)?

GLAD TIDINGS: The reason why Jesus loved the temple is written in John 2:19-21. The leader may read this passage.

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