8. WHO IS REALLY HAPPY? (Luke 6:20-26)

BACKGROUND: The word "blessed" means "extremely happy" in the original Greek. "The rich" of this text are those who have got everything they ever wanted in this life: money, love and health. "The poor" refer to people who never had these things or lost them along the way. (Please, don't take the word "poor" to mean "the poor in spirit", Jesus does not refer to them here.)
  1. What is real happiness for a person according to this text?
    • What is real unhappiness according to this text?
  2. What, according to Jesus, is the positive side of being poor? (For the meaning of the word "poor", look at the note above.)
    • What is negative about being rich? (Look at the note above.)
    • Which of these two groups do you belong to? (You can answer in your heart.)
  3. Many people in this world are hungry because they don't have food. How can Jesus call some of them happy?
    • Many people in our society are craving for love and appreciation. How can Jesus call some of them happy?
  4. Think about a situation in the past, which really made you cry. How would you have felt if Jesus had come to you then and said: "Happy are you who are weeping now"?
    • Imagine a person who never cries. Why is it difficult to call him or her happy?
  5. On what grounds could Jesus claim that his crying disciples were happy?
    • Are the crying disciples happy while crying or afterwards when they can laugh?
  6. What is wrong with riches, satisfaction, laughter and being well spoken of?
    • When will the time come when the rich, fulfilled, laughing people must cry?
  7. Why are they hated who speak the truth, and why are they spoken well of, who are false prophets (vs.22,26)?
    • Do you think there actually are people who rejoice and leap for joy while persecuted and criticized (vs.23)? If there are, why can they react in such manner?
  8. What do the poor, unfulfilled, crying and criticized people have that the rich etc. don't have?
  9. Why does Jesus call only his disciples happy and not all the suffering people on earth (vs.20)?
  10. Let's apply these verses to the life of Jesus. Discuss the following: Was Jesus happy while he was hanging on the cross. Why? Why not?
    • Why didn't God offer Jesus consolation while he suffered?

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