9. LOVE YOUR ENEMY! (Luke 6:27-38)

BACKGROUND: While reading this text, think about last week - to what extent did you follow these commandments in your everyday life.

Verses 27-30

  1. Most of us will probably agree that everybody should live as Jesus teaches here. Why is it so difficult to live like that?
    • Would it be easier to follow the teaching of Jesus if he had simply said: "Be kind to your enemies!"
  2. Imagine that you would start to follow these rules inside your family, school or job. How do you think your home/ school/ job would change?
    • Do you think your relationship with somebody you don't like would improve if you prayed for him/ her (vs.28)?
  3. Jesus kept all these rules to the letter. Why did he still have many enemies?
  4. What harm does hatred do to the one who hates? 

Verses 31-38

  1. What is the basic difference between "the children of the Most High" and "the sinners" as they are described in these verses?
    • In what respects do you resemble the children of the Most High and in what respects do you resemble the sinners?
  2. How are they mistaken who always complain of others not taking them into consideration (vs.36-38)?
    • Who are those people who need unconditional love most of all?
  3. Verse 35 describes also the love of Jesus toward us even if we were his enemies. Read the verse and answer the question: Is it difficult or easy for a human being to believe in such an unconditional love?
  4. A great reward is promised to those who keep these commandments (vs.35). Jesus did it, but instead of getting a reward he was crucified. Why?
  5. How can we learn to love our enemies?
    • How can they become children of the Most High who haven't succeeded in loving their enemies?

GLAD TIDINGS: In the actual meaning of the word, only Jesus was the Son of the Most High God. He loved his enemies and prayed for them to the bitter end. He didn't, however, take the reward for himself, but gives it to those who ask forgiveness for not having been able to fulfill these commandments.

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