19. THE RICH FOOL (Luke 12:13-21)

  1. Why do you think quarrels about inheritance are so common even in the best of families?
    • What is the difference between the man in verse 13 and other people in the gospels who asked Jesus for help?
  2. What was the real problem of the man in verse 13?
    • What would have happened if Jesus had done as this man asked him to do?
  3. Now look at the parable in verses 16-20. Think about the life this rich man had lived. Was it a happy life or not? Give your reasons.
    • Would you wish your children a life where the only problem they had was the one described in verse 17?
  4. Why did God give sun and rain to the fields of a man who never even once thanked him for it?
    • What was the religion (the god) of this rich man?
  5. What do we learn about the human relationships of this rich man?
    • What was the greatest mistake of this man?
  6. Apply this parable to rich and poor countries. Which sin of ours does Jesus pinpoint through his parable?
    • How should you use the money and possessions you have?
  7. Why didn't the rich man realize he had to die before it was too late?
    • In which situations do you think about your death and coming judgment?
  8. What does vs. 21 mean? (How could the rich man have stored up riches in heaven? What does it mean to be rich toward God?)
  9. Compare the rich fool with Jesus - what are the differences?
    • Why did God demand life from Jesus, as he demanded it from the rich man (vs. 20)?
    • Who benefited from what Jesus had earned while on earth (vs. 20b)?

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