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Glad Tidings Bible Studies – A good way of introducing Jesus to your friends

Certainly you know people to whom you would like to introduce Jesus. Here you have a tool by which you can do it: Glad Tidings Bible Studies. Invite your friends to study the Gospel together with you! These Bible study questions have been made in Japan for the use of groups with both Buddhist and Christian participants. It should not be difficult to lead a Glad Tidings group using these questions even if the participants don't have any previous knowledge about the Bible.

Bible Study Tools

Glad Tidings Bible Study guides. You can download and print covers for your printed GTBS study guide.

You can also order the Glad Tidings Bible Study guides for your study groups. See the Guide books page.

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Last updated: 03.06.2024


News & Updates

  • 3.6.2024 - Added GTBS for women in Albania
  • 10.05.2024 - Added Albania language and the beginners' guide in Albania
  • 29.04.2024 - Added Genesis Part3 in English
  • 8.10.2023 - Added Gen 11-20 (Part2) in English
  • 28.9.2023 - Added Glad tidings for beginners in Spanish
  • 11.6.2023 - Updated GTBS for beginners in English

Past events...

A Glad Tidings Group somewhere in Sahara. Participants don't have Bibles, but they still can talk about the text, and to the point, assures the missionary.

A Bible study group in Nepal during spring 2014.

A Bible Study

Glad Tidings for Teenagers is now available in English, Russian and Mongolian.

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